Page 10 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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Nursery NURSERY WE STARTED THE YEAR IN SEPTEMBER 2019 BY EMBARKING ON SENSORY ADVENTURES TASTING YUMMY FOOD EXPLORING DIFFERENT MATERIALS AND HAVING A A A A GOOD DEAL OF FUN WHILE STIMULATING LEARNING ALONG THE WAY Even rain failed to to to to to stop play as as we took umbrellas out to to to to to listen to to to to to the the the pitter patter of rain rain on on them As the the the the year progressed our our Round the the the World topic took us in in our our imagination to to to Africa and Europe A light box put a a a a a very special glow on a a a a a a a a journey through maths while Christmas Chinese New Year and World Book Day were all opportunities to let imagination take flight! Lockdown summer term saw the nursery opening up as we we welcomed back those children who wanted to attend They showed an an an an amazing resilience after an an an an extended period away Thank you you for all your support Tara Ainsley Nursery Manager Tasty moments! Exploring food and materials 10 | Celebrating 60 years Around the world in African sunsets and ferries to France Rain’s no dampener to puddle marking 

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