Page 12 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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Junior Girls JUNIOR GIRLS IN IN A A YEAR WHICH WILL GO DOWN IN IN HISTORY OUR GIRLS REMAINED STRONG: WHEN THINGS WERE TOUGH THEY SHOWED KINDNESS WHEN THINGS WERE UNCERTAIN THEY SMILED WHEN THE THE WORLD STOPPED THEY CONTINUED TO ACHIEVE Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Claires Court Junior Girls showed remarkable resourcefulness From science experiments in in in the the kitchen and artwork in in in in the the garden to some amazing achievements using Google Classroom Before the the the the pandemic the the the the first half of the the the the year had been another “roaring” success The Lion King was was one of of the the best productions Junior Girls had ever put on on on Christmas 2019 was was full of of surprises and at our annual joint Carol Service Lower Juniors wowed everyone with their performance of Lights Camel Action the Sequin Leanne Kirby Head of Junior Girls U11Netball Team came third in in their group and 5th overall in in the the Independent Schools Association (ISA) regional competition U11 Hockey Team went through to the County Plate competition Charlotte (Year 4) qualified for the the Nationals by finishing first in breastroke at at the the ISA regional event 12 | Celebrating 60 years The The roaring success that was The The Lion King 

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