Page 13 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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OUT OUT AND ABOUT TV PRESENTER AND CAMPAIGNER CHARLIE WEBSTER DURING ON ON ON ONLINE CLASSROOM CHAT WITH YEAR 6 ON ON ON THE TOPIC OF ‘THINKING BIG’ On the Joint Hockey/Netball/ Rugby Tour to Newquay 4 SCHOLARSHIPS TO SENIOR GIRLS: ONE ONE ONE FOR FOR FOR SPORT ONE ONE ONE FOR FOR FOR MUSIC ONE ONE ONE ONE FOR FOR FOR DRAMA AND ONE ONE ALL ROUNDER To the the the RAF the the the Science Museum the the the National Archives The The Living Rainforest Windsor Castle The The Roald Dahl Museum and the Royal Courts of Justice to name but a a a a a few Junior Girls | 13 There was a a a a a a a a a brush with greatness for Year 5 girls as as they explored the the the the work of local artist Sir Stanley Spencer at at the the the gallery gallery named after him in in in Cookham with the the the help of a a a a a a a a a a a fascinating talk by gallery gallery volunteer Paul Grandidge “RATHER THAN LOOKING HIGH UP AT AT THE THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN I I I JUST LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD AT MY FIRST STEP AND FOCUS ON THAT IT HELPS THINGS SEEM MORE MANAGEABLE AND LESS OVERWHELMING ” 

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