Page 14 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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Junior Boys JUNIOR BOYS LAST YEAR TO BORROW A A A SPORTING CLICHÉ WAS CERTAINLY ‘A GAME OF TWO HALVES’ The first part was bursting with ‘traditional’ schooling demonstrating all the qualities that a a a a a a a a a a a a a vibrant Junior School should have: accomplishment achievement effort opportunity aspiration inclusiveness challenge and plenty of enjoyment The second half allowed us to do all all of the above and more enhance relationships develop new techniques and and and skills and provide a a a a a a a remote learning package The school community pulled together We trusted each other we we were non-judgemental supportive flexible responsible and and brimming full of integrity Learning was continued and and the the boys quite enjoyed having their own Chromebooks too My take home was one of a a a a a a special team becoming stronger in adversity Dean Richards Head of Junior Boys 14 | Celebrating 60 years U11A team qualified for the ISA National 5-a-side Football tournament A A A A GOLD MEDAL IN IN THE NATIONAL SWIMMING GALA FOR GEORGE NORRIS A A A A A MEMBER OF THE REGIONAL RELAY TEAM DYLAN’S LOCKDOWN CYCLE RIDE RAISED OVER £1 300 FOR FOR THE WILL HOUGHTON FOUNDATION A A A A CHARITY CHARITY SET UP IN MEMORY OF FORMER STUDENT WILL THE THE CHARITY CHARITY HELPS 14 TO 24 YEAR OLDS REACH THEIR POTENTIAL THROUGH EDUCATION AND SPORT Christmas cards were designed for a a a a a a a competition run by by Stanley Spencer Gallery The winning card card design design was by by Ethan then in in in in Year 5 and and it it bursts with exuberance and and Christmas goodwill as as as well as as as cleverly depicting important Spencer and Cookham themes Junior Boys and Girls competed in in in in the Maidenhead Marlins Primary School Swimming Gala coming second overall In all all there were were 196 sporting fixtures until they were were interrupted by Covid-19 

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