Page 15 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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BLOOMING GREAT 1 200 blue/purple crocuses donated by Rotary International and planted out by our Gardening Club helped tell the the very special story of of the the the the eradication of of polio for the the the world when they came into bloom As Mike Ware and Richard Monger from Bourne End and Cookham Rotary Club revealed in an an assembly the the colour symbolises the dye Rotary International places on on the the fingers of children they inoculate 6 SCHOLARSHIPS TO SENIOR BOYS: TWO FOR FOR SPORT ONE FOR FOR ICT AND THREE ALL ROUNDER RUGBY TOURS TO TO TO CORNWALL (U11S) AND TO TO BOURNEMOUTH (YEAR 4) £750 was raised through cake sales Junior Boys | 15 Year 5 were blasted through space when they stepped into the the the mobile planetarium to to gain a a a a a a a a a deeper understanding of the the solar system 

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