Page 17 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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Senior Girls | 17 U16s were the the ISA national netball champions for the the the first time beating their previous bronze BOYS AND GIRLS ACHIEVED 56% GAINED 7+ ENGLISH 51% GAINED 7+ MATHS 26% OF ALL GCSE GRADES ACHIEVED WERE AT GRADE 8 OR 9 U15s crowned ISA national hockey champions and Year 10 pupil Yasmin (left) named player of the tournament Rhiannon won four gold medals at at the ISA National Swimming Gala including 50m 50m front crawl 50m 50m breaststroke medley relay relay and freestyle relay relay She stood out as as one of the the strongest swimmers at at the the Nationals “FOR ME ME THE AFTERNOON PROGRAMME OF ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS DURING LOCKDOWN WAS A A HIGHLIGHT SO WHILST THERE WAS CHANGE ALL AROUND US THROUGH THE SPRING AND SUMMER WE ALWAYS HAD THE CONTINUITY OF OUR COMMUNITY AND OUR SHARED VALUES ” STEVEN RICHARDS ON THE PROGRAMME OF LIVE COOKERY LESSONS SPORTS CHALLENGES FITNESS SESSIONS MUSIC REQUEST SHOWS AND TEACHER PODCASTS 

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