Page 18 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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Senior Boys SENIOR BOYS RAIN FORCED THE CANCELLATION OF THE 2019 FIREWORKS FUNDRAISER BUT CHARITY WORK CONTINUED: YEAR 7 - CHILD BEREAVEMENT UK YEAR 8 - SPORTSABLE YEAR 9 - WILL HOUGHTON FOUNDATION CHARITY YEAR 10 - ALEXANDER DEVINE CHILDREN’S HOSPICE 98% GIRLS AND BOYS ACHIEVED FIVE 4 OR HIGHER GRADES IN IN 2020 (91% IN IN 2019) WITHOUT DOUBT THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS MOST UNUSUAL YEAR WERE THE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS - A A A TRIBUTE TO THE EXTRAORDINARY WORK OF MRS RONELL SELZER AND HER COLLEAGUES IN ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP AND TO TO THE SIMILAR WORK IN PASTORAL LEADERSHIP BY MR CHARLES BRETHERTON AND HIS HEADS OF YEAR Early in the the the year we we were delighted to see the the the re-emergence of of the the the the the the school’s rugby squads as as excellent ambassadors of of the the the the sport and and the the the the excitement generated by by the the the the many and and varied residential camps in which our boys participated As it became clear our ‘normal world’ was under threat the the Lent term closed prematurely and and many of the 150+ trips and and sports events we we usually run each year were cancelled Early successes however had set the the the landscape and and with the the the the the engaging contribution made by their their teachers throughout the the the the the the #lockdown period to May Senior Boys kept their their ‘eyes on on on the the the the the prize’ with academic development at the the the the the forefront as they adapted to daily online schooling James Wilding Head of Senior Boys 18 | Celebrating 60 years Opened – our new new sailing centre centre on Taplow lake and the new new cricket centre at Boyne Hill As a a Google school of over 10 years our work with Chromebooks brought Senior Boys’ contribution to national prominence as James Wilding Academic Principal presented at at the the HP launch of their 2020 series Head Boy Max (centre) and and his team continued their great work as as leaders of our community both in in school and and as as representatives outside 

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