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Welcome WELCOME PARENTS FAMILIES AND FRIENDS THIS YEAR WILL BE BE REMEMBERED FOR MANY GENERATIONS TO COME OUR OUR COURT REPORT HELPS US REFLECT ON THE HIGHLIGHTS AND CHALLENGES AND IN PARTICULAR TO TO PAY TRIBUTE TO TO ALL OUR PUPILS FAMILIES AND COLLEAGUES IN IN SUCH TESTING TIMES Although the the overriding reflections are around the the Covid-19 pandemic 2019/20 showed us all all that we we we rise to to challenges adapt and and excel to to be be the best we we we can At the the the start of the the the year year we we were enthusiastic as as always to to to have pupils back in in in in school and and and raring for the the the year year The academic and and and pastoral offerings continued to to to thrive and and and bring the best out of of our community Then in in in the the the the new year the the the the world was was waking up to the the the the coronavirus and and by March the the the the whole country was was in in in in lockdown In such unusual and and and testing circumstances our our people and and and our our technology kept us us going quickly adapting to to online classrooms new social etiquettes and and and safety measures Heart-warming and and frankly astonishing examples of of creativity too many to to to list but including our own online Taskmaster Club – – based on on the game show of of of that name – – and and and open to to all of of our our community our our Desert-Island-Discs- style isolation tracks donations and and and and volunteering to to support our local communities and and and and the NHS street renditions of music activities and and and challenges to to keep fit and and and fundraise to name just a a a a few We’ve said farewell to some students and teachers this year – – often online and and not in in the way we we would usually do so – – but but but we we pay tribute tribute and and appreciation to to everyone who has contributed to Claires Court Our planning inquiry for our vision to to to bring everyone together on on on on the the the the Ridgeway site took place in in in in in in November 2020 and the the the the the decision by the the the the the planning planning inspector to to to to dismiss the the the planning planning appeals was announced on on 21 December The news is is is extremely disappointing for everyone involved We will review the decision notice and what our our next steps to to bring our our school community community on on on to to one campus and and provide sporting facilities for the community community could be We’d like to thank all of of the the Claires Court community pupils families and and and staff members members of of the the public and and and our our partners in particular Maidenhead Hockey Club and and and and its members members who have supported our our plans and and and been great advocates for our our wonderful school and and the the benefits of the the planning applications Hugh and James Wilding Principals INDEX 04 #wearecc – schools in lockdown 06 The year at a a a a glance 08 In the community 10-20 Nursery Schools and Sixth Form 22 Giving 23 Our PTAs 24 Bricks mortar and the environment 25 Our Diamond Years 26 Holiday Club 27 Looking to the future 02 | Celebrating 60 years 

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