Page 22 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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CHARITY GIVING WE ARE PROUD OF ALL THOSE WHO WENT THE EXTRA MILE TO HELP OTHERS Teaching assistant Sobia Mohgul and and Claires Court parent Katharine Parker and and 14-year-old daughter Megan raised more than £1 500 for the National Autistic Society in in socially distanced charity walks SPLASHING JOB All schools took part in the Lions Club of Maidenhead annual swimarathon Among some amazing achievements eight Junior Boys raised £1 500 for Research and and Treatment of ALC Lymphoma and and Holy Cross Hospital Sixth Formers achieved a a a a record-breaking 88 laps Sixth Former Leah raised more than £1 000 for the the Australian Koala Foundation’s work following the the devastating bushfires in in in in in in Australia Her fundraising initiatives included a a a a sponsored swim The Lions Club swimarathon raised nearly £500 with Sixth Form swimmers raising money for the local Alexander Devine Hospice Sixth Formers collected chocolates and packed hampers for the Salvation Army Anouska decorated the Christmas tree at at St Luke’s Christmas jumper day raised money for Alexander Devine Hospice English teacher Simon Cripps turned 40 40 and took on 40 40 challenges raising more than £10 000 for NHS charities to thank those who saved his life after he sustained horrendous burns in in 2000 22 | Celebrating 60 years CUTTING IT Year 10 Senior Girl Ophelia donated her hair hair to The Little Princess charity who who make real hair hair hair wigs for young people who who have lost their hair hair during cancer treatment “WE CALLED OUR TEAM THE WALKIE TALKIES AS WE WALKED THE TALK AND TALKED THE WALK IT WAS A A A A HARD WALK! LUCKILY I I HAD MEGAN AND HER MUM ON ON THE PHONE TO ME MANY TIMES TO KEEP ME ME MOTIVATED ” TEACHING ASSISTANT SOBIA 

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