Page 23 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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JUNIOR BOYS PTAs OUR PTAs DESPITE THE CHALLENGES OF COVID-19 OUR PTA GROUPS CONTINUED THEIR GREAT WORK ADDING THAT EXTRA TOUCH TO TO WHAT WE OFFER Most fundraising events including the annual fireworks display had to to to be cancelled or or postponed but will return when it is is safe to to to do so In particular our our thanks to to to the 400 parents and staff who had booked for our our our Diamond Jubilee Ball to to to celebrate our our 60th anniversary – we hope to to to announce new dates to to to mark this occasion SENIOR BOYS NURSERY JUNIOR GIRLS SENIOR GIRLS AND SIXTH FORM BOUGHT: • Three outdoor timber shelters for additional classroom and space at College Avenue • A A virtual panto of A A Christmas Carol shown online to to Boys and Girls in in Years 3-6 • Father Christmas’ socially distanced visit LAUNCHED: A Junior Girls Christmas shopping event event following the the success of a a a a similar event event at Junior Boys the the previous year More than 250 gift requests were placed WATCH THIS SPACE: The Nearly New Uniform sales will be back in in 2021 in in a a a a a a a a new new location and and new new format to match Junior Boys and and simplify paperwork Future sales will be payable by debit/credit card and a a a a a a a a new format is being introduced to ask for for for donations of quality used uniform for Senior Boys Giving and Our PTAs | 23 RAISED: SPENT: Nearly New Uniform virtual sale £836 £851 Weather station SPENT: £1 336 Yearbooks £984 MicroBit to make learning coding easy and fun £811 To stage a a a Panto £300 On a a a a a visit by Hobgoblin Theatre with a a a a a a production of A Christmas Carol enjoyed by Years 3-6 

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