Page 9 - Claires Court Report 2019 2020
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ā€œI LOVE BAKING AND SHARING THE THINGS I I HAVE MADE I I WANTED TO SHOW MY APPRECIATION TO OUR AMAZING KEY WORKERS AND BRING SOME HAPPINESS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE ALONE AT THE MOMENT ā€ MEGAN YEAR 6 ON ON CREATING A A A A A A A RAINBOW CAKE IN IN IN IN HONOUR OF THE NHS AND AND KEY WORKERS AND AND SHARING IT IT WITH NEIGHBOURS CARING ON ON PRESCRIPTION Annie Year 7 and her family delivered medicine to the the elderly and vulnerable along their daily cycle route during lockdown Luisa Year 10 spent an afternoon helping process donations at at the Foodshare food bank in in Maidenhead and Sixth Formers helped pack the Lions Club Christmas Hampers for families in need Sixth Former Becky wanted to follow the sixth form ethos and make a a a a a a difference so took up a a a a a a role at her local nursing home In the community | 09 

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